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Starry Night body chain

Starry Night body chain

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Starry Night is a unique design from Orientalis Collection. It is made of Stainless Steel chain and gold plated with 18k gold , with IP gold plating technique (More info about this type of plating please see below)
This body piece has Star chain along the chest and along the backline, connected with the twisted cable chain around the neck and around the waist. Both clasps close at the back with a lobster clasp.
>Star chain along the chest is 8'' long
>Star chain along the back is 18'' long
>Necklace chain is 17'' long
>Belly chain is 33'' long

This design of the body chain is very comfortable since the weight is distributed equally with front and back chains. It will make you feel like a star, confident, desirable and loving yourself and your body even more. 

Both of these chain have been quality tested for keeping the gold plating with exposure to water. 
My goal is to offer only high quality materials that have been tested prior to decision of selling them, because my priority is customer satisfaction and value for the investment. I am here for any questions or inquires you may have. 

Maintenance advice:
*Any type gold plating will last longer and keep its shine longer if not exposed to water, different chemicals in body lotions, perfumes, pool chemicals etc. 
* Being that this is amazing quality of gold plating, we would advise you after any exposure to salty or pool water to rinse your body chain with regular water and let it dry completely before storing away. 




>> What is IP gold plating <<

IP gold plating, also known as Ion Plating (IP), is an advanced coating process where vaporized metallic elements, such as gold, are bonded to the surface of another material, typically stainless steel or tungsten. This process is more durable and resistant to scratches and corrosion compared to traditional plating methods.

How IP Gold Plating Works

IP gold plating involves bombarding the surface with atomic-sized energetic particles, which are then bonded to the material. This creates a strong and durable coating that is resistant to wear and tear. The process is commonly used in the jewelry industry, particularly for gold-plated stainless steel items, as it provides a more affordable and lightweight alternative to traditional gold.

Benefits of IP Gold Plating

* Durability: IP gold plating is more resistant to scratches and corrosion compared to traditional plating methods.
* Affordability: Gold ion-plated stainless steel is a more affordable option compared to traditional gold.
* Lightweight: IP gold plating is often used in jewelry and accessories, providing a lightweight and comfortable wear.
* Rust-resistant: The base metal, stainless steel, is rust-resistant, making it a great option for everyday wear.


IP gold plating is a sophisticated coating process that offers a durable, affordable, and lightweight alternative to traditional gold plating. Its benefits make it a popular choice in the jewelry industry, particularly for gold-plated stainless steel items.

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