About us

Burzan Design was founded in 2016 by Danijela Burzan, a passionate designer hailing from the picturesque Mediterranean coast of Montenegro. Inspired by her roots and love of natural gemstones, Danijela named the brand after her maiden name, as a tribute to her heritage.

At Burzan Design, we specialize in unique artisan jewelry that showcases our recognizable craftsmanship and design. We combine high-quality gemstones with stainless steel or thread, depending on the collection and style of jewelry. Our pieces are often inspired by the beauty of the crystal itself.

We're proud to have built a loyal customer base, who have left glowing reviews on Etsy and helped us grow our business.

We also take pride in collaborating with our customers through the customization process to create one-of-a-kind pieces that mirror their desires while showcasing our creativity.

At Burzan Design, we believe that authentic design and remarkable craftsmanship should be available to everyone. We're thrilled to bring our passion for jewelry-making to the world and look forward to designing for many years to come.