Druzy Agate Geode statement macrame bracelet with African Turquoise, Onyx and Hematite

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This piece is made with Druzy Agate geode sphere in size 19mm. Sphere is electro plated.
It has beautiful geode crack and you can see natural formation of this stone.

Other stones used:
>Onyx-matte- 6mm
>African Turquoise-polished- 8mm/6mm
>Hematite -plates- dark grey- 19mmx10mm
-discs- golden- 8x3mm/6x3mm

Bracelet is adjustable in size. It has adjustable macrame knot that makes the cord slide trough and expand in size.

Material of the cord is black waxed nylon. Soft for the skin and safe to get wet. Great quality and durable cord. Thickness is 1mm.

*note: IF you have any questions regarding this product, please don't hesitate to ask.